Brian Hoffenberg

Brian is a licensed plumber and has been with S&K Plumbing since the beginning.  He is Jeff’s step-son and has been involved in plumbing since he was young.  At age 12, Brian would go to work with Jeff on his summers off while Jeff still worked with V.J. Killian.  When S&K started, Brian, still in high school, kept working with Jeff when he could.  Often he drove materials to and from jobs, picked up supplies and helped with larger jobs.  After high school, Brian attended some college classes but eventually decided to join the family business.

He has been licensed for over 15 years now and is the acting president and in charge of the office and other operations for the company.  Brian is also the new tech specialist and webmaster for the company.  If you have any questions or concerns about this site, please direct them to him.

Like Jeff, Brian is a long time hockey player and regularly plays. When not working or playing hockey, he also likes to help bake goodies for weddings and parties with his wife Amy for their small cake business.